testimonial-angelaI arrived at ALPHA five months’ pregnant and homeless, trying to start my life over. I was able to work and save money, which helped me get my feet on the ground – something that was beyond helpful, especially being a single mother.

Throughout my stay at ALPHA, I was able to receive individual counseling with a great counselor, Ms. Julie. She listened and went above and beyond to help me, help me see my self-worth, and also provided me with educational groups. I also had a great case manager who helped me with getting all the services I needed. She was also a great listener and did anything she could to help me.

Alpha is the reason myself and my daughter have a roof over our head today – they gave us the opportunity for an apartment that was affordable – this is something I will never forget. Since graduating from ALPHA, I have been employed for over three years full time. The structure and support from ALPHA is what gave me the tools to succeed to this point.