Bob DePugh has been directly involved in the real estate development and property management fields for over 52 years.  He began his career in 1968, with the development and management of housing for persons with special needs, and for financially challenged families.  Over the years, DePugh’s broad range of experience in multifamily and multifamily related housing has included creating a welfare-to-work training program in rural Kentucky, developing single room occupancy (SRO) facilities for homeless persons and working poor, developing and managing subsidized rental housing for seniors, as well as low/moderate income persons and families, developing and managing independent living facilities for seniors with inadequate financial means, developing group homes for HIV infected persons, and developing and managing assisted living facilities (ALF’S).  Additionally, under his direction, in excess of 100 new homes were constructed for first-time home buyers in Pinellas County, Florida.

As the CEO of the SMC Group of Companies, Mr. DePugh headed the operation of five corporations involved in the real estate development, property management and real estate related services areas. In total, these five companies employed over 170 individuals, with offices in four states.  Collectively, this group of companies was responsible for providing the complete range of real estate services; from development to assistance with financing and construction and/or rehabilitation, as well as property maintenance and management.  Under DePugh’s management and direction, Southeastern Management Center, Inc. received the designation of “Management Agent of the Year” from the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Kentucky State Office.

After 25 years of operating the SMC Group of Companies, Mr. DePugh sold his interest in 2002, at which time he acquired and renovated a multitude of single-family residences for resale.  In 2004 he created the Gateway Housing Group, whose sole purpose was to acquire land and construct single-family homes for first-time home buyers who receive assistance from a variety of federal, state and local funding sources.  In excess of 100 homes were constructed and sold by Gateway utilizing these programs.

Mr. DePugh has been recognized over the years for his experience, expertise and accomplishments in the real estate development and management fields.  He has received professional designations from the Institute of Real Estate Management, the International Real Estate Institute, and the National Environmental Association.  In May of 1999, Mr. DePugh was inducted into the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Hall of Fame by the Chief of the Kentucky state office (of housing).  His property management company, having met the stringent requirements for the oversight of low income housing tax credit (LIHTC) properties, received approval from both the Florida Housing Finance Agency, and the Kentucky Housing Corporation to manage multifamily rental properties financed using LIHTC’s.  The National Association of Realtors has Certified Mr. DePugh as a Real Estate Negotiator and Evaluator.  Recently, he was certified by the National Association of Realtors to provide Broker’s Professional Opinions (BPO) reference the current value of real estate.  In September 2013 he was designated as a Realtor Emeritus by the National Association of Realtors.  Bob is an active member of the Pinellas (Florida) Realtor Organization (PRO).

In addition to the above, Mr. DePugh served on the development team that created the very first HUD/FHA insured mortgage for single room occupancy (SRO) development in the United States.  He has also been instrumental in forming and starting numerous non-profit entities involved with developing and providing housing for persons and families who are financially challenged.  These non-profit organizations include the National Center for Housing Management, Inc., First Step of Kentucky, Inc., National Association for Non-Profit Housing, Inc., and Contemporary Housing Alternatives, Inc.  Over the course of his career in real estate, Mr. DePugh has been involved in the development and/or management of over 4,000 housing units.