testimonial-jesslynMy story at ALPHA begins when I was just a couple weeks’ pregnant and sleeping on the tile floor at my mother’s house to get away from my ex. My ex and I had a turbulent relationship; we were engaged, disengaged, and the fights would never stop. Then I got pregnant.

I knew he didn’t want me to keep the baby, so telling him that I was pregnant and not having an abortion was nerve wrecking! Finally, I got the courage to tell him, and it all went wrong from there. I slept on the floor at my mother’s house while trying to find a place to go. I called 211, and they helped me find ALPHA House.

When I came to ALPHA House, I was nervous, PETRIFIED! Stepping into the halls, touring the living room and the rooms I would call my home for the next two years made me feel awkward, uneasy, and my eyes filled with tears.

Then I met the staff, Mr. Bill and Ms. Hope were the best thing to happen to me. Mr. Bill would take me into counseling every week, and we talked about whatever was on my mind. His words of wisdom helped me pursue a better direction and helped me cope with my hurt and to figure out how to use it to my advantage and become less of a victim. Though Ms. Hope’s roll was not to be a shoulder to cry on, she was there for me as well with constant words of encouragement and sometimes to slap me on the forehead and tell me to “WAKE UP!” Ms. Hope’s roll was to help me maneuver through the system. I didn’t know much about St. Petersburg when I first came to ALPHA, but she drove me to doctors’ visits, helped me pick up my prenatals from the pharmacy, and where she couldn’t help, she had another ALPHA girl help me figure out the bus system and show me the neighborhood.

Through the constant bustle of girls arriving and setting aflame tempers at ALPHA and then just as quickly leaving, I learned lessons of maturity that I hold on to today. Lessons of patience, gratitude, love for others, and the awareness that just because you have the best intentions for the ones around you, does not mean the ones around you have the same for you. All of the incidents I’ve gone through, though tough at times, were a part of God’s plan for me. I chose the roads I took, and I have learned to look further down those roads for the future.

I’m in school; I have decided to take up medical and clinical laboratory assistant and am LOVING IT! I hope that when I go on externship, it will be working at a cancer specialist’s office and help doctors in the treatment of patients with blood disorders or as a phlebotomist.

I am also in a relationship with a wonderful man whom I admire deeply. He gets along with my son and took him in as his own. From my lessons at ALPHA, I have learned a maturity to take relationships more seriously and with his patience, love and guidance.

I feel blessed in my life, and I thank God that ALPHA House was there for me when I needed them most. THANK YOU ALPHA!!!!!