ALPHA House provides care for our community in two ways:

These programs provide housing and baby items to homeless pregnant women and teens, new mothers with infants, and families experiencing crisis pregnancies.

Our Community Assistance and Residential Programs are provided with compassion, kindness, and respect. A piece of our mission is completed with each family’s improvement and each supporter’s pledge.

ALPHA House is Pinellas County’s only residential maternity program. We strive to help all who apply for assistance, and we do not limit based on age, income, or geographic location.

ALPHA House, along with our supporters, has been helping our community since 1979. Throughout this time, 90 percent of the women in the residential program have been able to successfully transition into permanent housing and independent


The ALPHA House Residential Program offers a safe and educational environment for new moms and their babies. Our goal is to provide life lessons that can transform a family of two from a displaced situation to a world of self-sufficiency.

Our program promotes each woman’s commitment to herself and her child. Each resident mother receives skills training, including:

Therapeutic Counseling: This counseling focuses on proper self-care during pregnancy, making the transition into motherhood, healthy parenting, preventing child abuse, fostering self-esteem, and making positive life choices. Issues related to parenting and adoption are also addressed.

Case Management: Case managers link residents to educational programs, medical care, WIC, government assistance programs, and other services to assist with the transition to self-sufficiency. Case managers also monitor residents to be sure they are meeting the expectations of the ALPHA House program.
life skills

Life Skills Education: Weekly group and individual programs address preparation for childbirth, parenting and life skills, child development and bonding, budgeting, stress management, housing, nutrition, and substance abuse prevention.
educational (2)

Vocational Education: Residents further their education by attending high school, college, or pursuing a GED. Those who have completed their education find internships or jobs.

The mission of ALPHA House of Pinellas County is to prevent the cycle of homelessness and child abuse by providing a safe residence and supportive services to homeless pregnant women and babies.

ALPHA empowers women with the job skills, education, parenting skills, positive self-esteem and spiritual foundation necessary to obtain permanent housing, successfully raise their children, and contribute to the community as self-sustaining mothers.

ALPHA House of Pinellas also invests in the community with an outreach program that provides hundreds of families with necessary child care items each year.


OUR Community Assistance PROGRAM

ALPHA House has been helping families in the community since 1979. With the assistance of our supporters, we have provided housing and services to more than 3000 women, teens and infants.

Our Community Assistance Program has distributed items to more than 30,000 families in need.
We receive an average of $80,000 worth of donated items for the Community Assistance Program each year.

Are you interested in receiving help from our Community Assistance Program?

Who: We help mothers in need. Bring a government-issued ID for mother and baby. A birth certificate with the mother’s name on it is best, along with a valid ID or driver’s license.

What: We offer baby clothes, formula, and diapers. On occasion we have other items such as boppy pillows, high chairs, strollers, bumbos, etc. These are given on a first-come, first-serve basis and are not consistently available.

When: Please call us at 727-822-8190 for times and availability. Mothers can receive assistance every 60 days for clothing and every 30 for diapers and food.

Where: 701 Fifth Ave. N., St. Petersburg FL 33701

Are you interested in donating baby items?

What: We accept most necessities for babies and children, such as diapers and clothing. However, we do not accept toys, cribs or expired food. If you are not sure whether we are in need of a certain item, please feel free to call us.

When: We are open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Where: 701 Fifth Ave. N., St. Petersburg FL 33701

Our Community Assistance Program is provided with compassion, kindness, and respect. Our services are made possible through donations, which we cycle back out to the public. A piece of our mission is completed with each family’s improvement and each supporter’s pledge.